Magnesium: The Unsung Hero of Health & Recovery

Magnesium is extremely important for our long-term health, energy and performance. But while it’s involved in over 300 reactions in our bodies, an estimated 60% of the population doesn’t get enough magnesium Could you be one of them? Most magnesium supplements come in a standard 400 mg dose. This daily dose will give you around 95% of your RDA. Include whole foods like beans, vegetables and nuts, and you’ll be sure to get the magnesium you need.

The timing of your daily dose of magnesium comes down to convenience and personal preference, just don’t skip it. If you are an athlete or if you follow an intense exercise regimen, it may make more sense to take it after your workouts. This may allow you to expedite the transition into a “rest and digest” oriented state, which will improve your recovery and adaptive response.



About the Author: Brett Deters

Brett Deters is a medical student and has been the primary author of multiple articles in peer-review scientific journals. He is committed to the health and fitness lifestyle, trains hard, and has developed new insights into performance nutrition, anti-aging and training enhancement.

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