CoQ10: We can’t live without it!

CoQ10 is naturally produced and found in all human cells. It is mostly concentrated in the part of the cell that produces energy (ATP), called the mitochondria. There are two forms of CoQ10, the active form being ubiquinol.


Starting in our 20s, as we age, levels decrease making us more vulnerable to age-related degenerative disease processes including cognitive (mental) decline and heart disease. By age 40, CoQ10 levels can decrease as much as 20-25% in the heart muscle.


For fitness enthusiasts, CoQ10 can help sustain energy levels, support increased performance, and help mitigate muscle soreness.

Supplement usage:

Commonly recommended dosages range from 90-200 mg per day or as high as 300 mg per day depending on age, statin medication use, or underlying issues (such as heart disease). It is usually difficult to get enough Co Q10 from diet alone on a daily basis.

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