Healthy Egg and Avocado Toast

Searching for a fully-balanced meal? Look no further! Avocado Toast is a great way to hit all of your macros and stay energized throughout your day. It’s just a bonus that it’s absolutely delicious!

2 Slices Protein Bread
1/2 Avocado

2 Eggs
 1/2 Tomato
 Red Adobo Seasoning

Heat a skillet over medium-high.
2. Toast your bread.
3. Cook your eggs to your liking.
4. Slice or smash 1/2 an avocado, slice your 1/2 tomato and assemble over the bread.
5. Top with eggs, a smoky Red Adobo seasoning, and dig in!

About the Author: Becca Mitchell

Becca Mitchell is a Certified Personal Trainer, Self Love Advocate, and Mom of 2. She’s the owner of Becca Mitchell Fitness, specializing in finding balance in fitness, food, and every day life. Becca’s passions lie in helping women find a fitness and nutrition plan that works for their individual goals, and learning how to embrace the beauty and messiness of life through self-care and self-love. With food as one of her self-proclaimed Love Languages, and as a mom of 2 small children, she learns creative (and delicious!) ways to make her family’s favorite meals out of healthy, fueling ingredients.

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