Being In The Moment

As a society we are now connected more than ever with friends, family and acquaintances. Our smart phones have become a third hand, an appendage, if you will. But we pay a price for this. With all of this connectivity, it’s easy for our focus to be pulled in multiple directions.

Our reliance on technology has caused us to increasingly live less and less “in the moment.” Being in the moment simply means being focused on whatever activity you are engaged in, without distractions. We have lost a lot of that.

We are constantly being interrupted, whether it be by an urgent text, phone call, a news alert, you name it. Our focus is shattered, and our attention spans suffer. Many of us are conditioning ourselves to expect the dopamine rush that these interruptions provide. We become addicted to the interruptions, and as a result, our quality-of-life suffers.

So you have to ask yourself, HOW do you stay in the present moment, if the moment is constantly being interrupted?

Before we answer that, first think about WHY you want to stay in the moment.

Staying centered and focused on the activity that you are engaged in, ensures a more fulfilling experience. It is mentally healthier. In short, you get more from the activity. It is more rewarding.

When you started exercising and eating right, you had a goal in mind. You may have wanted to improve your body and your health. You learned to equate working out and eating right with the improvements in your body and your health.

It is your continual effort of pushing towards your goal, to make your life better, that keeps you progressing… and that demands your focus. To get better results, you need to stay in the moment.

I often see people in the gym, working out, with their mobile devices connected to their Bluetooth earphones. Nothing wrong with that, and nothing wrong with listening to music. Music can help us to get in the flow.

But it doesn’t always stop there. A lot of times people will check their messages or take phone calls during their workouts.

These interruptions ruin your focus. They are time wasters, and detract from the enjoyment of your workout, not to mention putting the productivity of your workout at risk. What do I mean by that?

Simply that if you perform a productive set of an exercise, and then follow that with a 10 minute phone call before you perform your next set, you’re never going to create enough intensity to get a response from your muscles. Inefficient training means mediocre results.

Or if you’re busy squabbling via text with your spouse, you’re going to be distracted for the rest of your workout. Your lifting stuffers.

These are just two examples, but in both cases, you’re not in the moment. You’ve surrendered your focus.

To stay in the moment, practice turning off distractions, and turning on your mind. Direct your attention to the task at hand. If you can bear the thought, turn off the technology. Turn on your mind. Relish the adrenaline rush that comes with trying to push yourself harder in the gym. Establish a cadence to your workout.

Personally, I like to get in tune with my breathing. It helps me to establish a cadence. I know that as soon as I finish my set, I will be breathing hard. But a minute or so later, my breathing stabilizes. This is my cue to start my next set.

It’s amazing what happens when you get into a flow during your work out.

This week try turning off the technology, and turning on your mind. Focus and ‘be in the moment’ during your workouts. You’ll get into a flow state. You’ll feel more fulfilled and happier when you do.

Yours in health,

About the Author: Lee Labrada

Lee Labrada is the founder and CEO of Labrada Nutrition, makers of Lean Body protein shakes. Lee’s mission is to empower you with the nutritional products and the know-how to get into great shape and be healthy for life.

One of the world's best-known bodybuilding legends, Lee Labrada holds 22 bodybuilding
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