How To Easily Conquer Your Weekly Meal Prep

I was having a conversation with my clients Carmela and Cris about the importance of meal prep. “As the saying goes,” I told them, “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!”

With a witty smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye,

Cris replied, “True! Do you know what’s my favorite thing to make for dinner? Reservations!”  Both Carmela and I got a great laugh out of Cris’s quip. But truth be told, the mere mention of “meal prep” scares some people to death.

Some of the repeated concerns I’ve heard in regards to preparing meals for the week are, “I don’t know how to cook!” Or, “I don’t have time!” And“It’s too expensive!” These are all legitimate concerns and perhaps, they are keeping you from making the attempt to mass prep your meals. Why Meal Prep? There are many practical reasons one should begin cooking and packing her own foods. Marlana Anderson is a Vlogger who shares some of her meal prep secrets on her YouTube site, “Blame Marlana.” She told me that the reason she began preparing her own meals was to simply save money. “I noticed a lot of my bank account was going towards lunch, so I started cooking a large amount of food, and bringing leftovers to eat for lunch.” The benefit she got from making this change was two-fold. Her bank account increased in size, while her waistline decreased in size.

Cara Vargas is a construction manager and engineering technician. She made the decision to begin prepping her meals because of time management. Cara explained that cooking every evening after her workouts just wasn’t making sense. Even with her food thawed and “ready to go,” Cara told me that it would still take her 30-40 minutes to get dinner cooked. Then she still had to pack her lunch for the next day. When she added in the time it took her to clean up, she was logging an hour or more in the kitchen! “That [was] seven hours of my life every week that I [could have been] spending in the gym or relaxing,” she noted. Now, she power cooks on Sunday and spends a grand total of 2 hours in the kitchen. 


The idea of mass preparing food can be daunting. Yet, Marlana and Cara assure me that just after a few rounds, the art of meal prep can be mastered. First, you will need the right tools.  For the actual cooking of food, a Crock Pot, Nu Wave Oven, counter top grill, rice cooker, steamer bags, and microwave all come in handy. Not only do they help speed the cooking process, they allow you to cook a variety of foods at the same time. The Crock Pot, in particular, seems to be the cooking device of choice for many seasoned meal preppers. The reason for this is that you can put an entire meal into it before you head off to work and it’s ready to eat by the time you get home. Cara, for example, will take 6-8 large chicken breasts and place them in the Crock Pot with some broth and seasonings of her choice.

Another favorite of hers is to lightly coat the chicken in sugar free BBQ sauce with a touch of chili powder. Either way, she gets home and has “mass quantities of easy to eat chicken breast that can be served hot or cold.” Marlana also recommends cooking all the foods that take the longest first. Get these foods started (rice and potatoes for example) so you can “set and forget” them as you prepare your protein sources. “The key to less time is timing,” she explains. “So start with what takes the longest and work your way backwards.” This ensures that your foods are completed at the same time. This makes them ready to pack into your meal containers.

To save clean up time, aluminum baking tins and Reynold’s Wrap are going to be two of your best friends. The baking tin can be recycled once you’re finished with it. The aluminum foil can be used to line your regular baking pans. Once you’re done cooking, you remove the foil and reveal a still clean pan. Cara suggested an even better idea. She lines the baking tin with aluminum foil to keep it clean. Then she  also uses it to separate the pan into 2 or 3 sections forming a “little hill” with the foil. By doing so, she can place her proteins in the sections and spice them all differently so she will have a variety of flavors throughout the week. Pretty brilliant!

Marlana suggests buying your food at wholesale stores that sell items in bulk. Often, these stores will sell fresh produce and protein sources, as well as family sized frozen vegetables and fruits. She also points out that wholesale stores often sell reusable, and microwaveable, containers. These are usually more cost efficient than name brand containers. Cara looks for sales at her local grocery store; they will run specials on lean meats and starches.


Another huge piece of advice? Make a shopping list – stick to it! First, peruse a cookbook that contains healthy recipes you may like to try. For example, I give all my clients Certified Nutritionist Keith Klein’s cookbook The Healthy Chef. Its filled with amazing recipes, and great cooking tips about how to buy and prepare foods. Once you’ve picked one or two recipes you’d like to try, make a list of the items you will need to prepare the meal.

Before making your shopping list, take note of what you already have. This way you don’t over-purchase perishables or needlessly spend money on a spice you already have two bottles of. Once you’ve properly itemized the foods and spices you will need, be sure to buy those items and those items only. Otherwise, you run the risk of unnecessary spending. As Marlana pointed out to me, there were many times she went to the grocery store and “picked up a few extra things here and there. Next thing I know, my grocery bill is 40-50 dollars more because of the ‘few extra things.”


I used to think bulk food prep was a task I could never take on. It sounded too complex and frankly, it sounded like it took too much time. I work, I write, I study, I’m a wife, I’m a mother… and you wanted me to fit in cooking when? Once I found my own “groove,” meal prep became quick, easy, and most importantly, worth it! Come home from work wiped out? No problem! Lunch is sitting in the fridge portioned out and ready to eat! Too tired to cook breakfast in the morning? Not an issue! Protein muffins ready to go! If you are trying to stay regimented and achieve your fitness goals, I can’t encourage you enough to give meal prep a try. I assure you, just like your gym routine, meal prep will become a natural part of your healthy lifestyle.

About the Author: Elizabeth Anastasopoulos

Elizabeth Anastasopoulos is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and has been training clients for over 8 years. What she loves most about her position as a trainer is the variety of people she is fortunate enough to train: from the young and conditioned, to the elderly who simply want to keep moving, to those who are seeking sports specific goals. Each person brings with her a unique goal and challenge, giving Elizabeth an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Elizabeth is also very passionate about nutrition and nutritional counseling, which was brought on by her time as a figure competitor in the OCB. After witnessing and experiencing first hand the repercussions of faulty nutritional advice, she set out on a mission to become more knowledgeable. She obtained her Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification from NASM, then moved on to earn her Diploma in Comprehensive Nutrition from Huntington University of Health Sciences. However, her best education has come from her friend and mentor, Keith Klein, CN CCN of the Institute of Eating Management in Houston, TX, and the co-founder (along side Lee Labrada) of the on-line coaching club, Lean Body Coaching.

She has the great privilege of working for Keith and Lee as one of their Lean Body Coaches, and has found the greatest satisfaction in helping clients reach their weight-loss goals utilizing healthy nutritional concepts and Relapse Prevention strategies. Still, her greatest joy is her family. She is a proud wife, as well as the mother of a 22 year-old daughter and of 12-year old twins. As a family, they enjoy multiple outdoor activities and traveling to various destinations. If you would like to know more about Elizabeth’s training services or about Lean Body Coaching, you can check her out at:

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